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Definition - What does Accolate mean?

Accolate, also known as zafirlukast, was first marketed in 1996 for the treatment of chronic asthma. Since 1996 there have been more than one hundred cases of liver dysfunction and fourteen cases of liver failure reported by patients using Accolate. Patients prescribed Accolate report they often showed no signs or symptoms before the severe hepatic injury occurred.

The manufacturer, Astra Zeneca, has since issued a warning to healthcare professionals about the drug, noting that although the negative side-effects of the medication are rare, if they do occur they are very serious. They have also included a warning on the drug's label about potentially serious side-effects which can include dry mouth, sleeplessness, gastrointestinal problems, mood changes, and liver failure.

Claimants who have suffered serious injury due to the side-effects of Accolate can file a medical malpractice claim against the drug's manufacturer. Medical malpractice lawyers will determine if negligence occurred and whether or not the manufacturer failed to provide adequate warnings on the labels of their products, physicians failed to provide accurate dosages to their patients and appropriately monitor them, or if physicians failed to discuss possible negative side-effects with their patients prior to prescribing this Accolate.

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