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Additional Insured

Definition - What does Additional Insured mean?

An additional insured is any person or group who is included under an insurance policy in addition to the original policy holder. This term is used most commonly in property insurance and liability insurance policies. The additional insured may be identified through a general description within the policy, or they may be named individually.

For example, if Joe is the father of four children and he purchases a vehicle insurance policy he is considered the original insured member under the policy, but his family may also have additional insured coverage, assuming they are operating the vehicle with Joe’s permission.

Am I insured by my company’s insurance policy?

Additional insured persons may also have liability coverage if they work for a specific company, assuming they are injured conducting their normal job duties for the insured business. Employees who are injured not performing their normal job duties, however, may lose their liability insurance coverage.

Additional insured coverage is frequently used in business. For example, a general contractor may have the subcontractors list the general contractor as an additional insured on their insurance policies. The assumption is that adding an additional insured to a property or liability insurance policy is less expensive than the costs of the original premium.

Legal injury claims and the additional insured

Claims contesting the coverage for the additional insured are common, and states have decided the cases differently depending on the facts of the case and the state’s laws. If there are questions about your liability coverage it is important to discuss your case with a lawyer. In most recent court cases the courts have decided in favor of insurance coverage, but you may need a good lawyer to help you maximize insurance coverage for each covered person or entity.

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