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Definition - What does Docket mean?

A docket generally refers to the summary of court hearings scheduled in a particular court of law, but it also can be the term used to reference the file which includes all material filed by the court and all other parties involved in a court proceeding.

Each docket has a docket number which includes the year the case was filed, letters noting the type of court case, the location of the filing, and the initials of the judge who presided over the case. Docket files can sometimes be accessed online, especially for high profile cases which interest other lawyers.

Accessing dockets online

The United States Court has created PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) which is an electronic public access service. PACER allows users to review dockets and case information online from federal appellate, district, and bankruptcy courts, and the PACER Case Locator.

PACER is available to wide array of users, although you must register for an account. There are over one million individuals who access PACER including attorneys, pro se filers, government agencies, trustees, data collectors, researchers, educational and financial institutions, commercial enterprises, the media, and the general public.

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