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Insurance Claims Adjuster

Definition - What does Insurance Claims Adjuster mean?

An insurance claims adjuster, also referred to as claims representative or claims specialist, are individuals assigned to review injury claims and negotiate a settlement offer with the claimant. Claims adjusters can work independently as contractors for insurance companies or they can be employees of the insurance company. Regardless of who they employed by, the negotiation process will be the same.

The claims adjuster's main goals are to settle personal injury claims quickly and to offer as little money as possible. Claims adjusters have a high case load and will want to settle as many claims cases as soon as possible, without having to get into a legal battle with your lawyer or have their supervisor intervene.

Fighting for the right settlement amount

Insurance adjusters are not looking out for your interest. They do not know as much about your own injuries as you do, and they may have limited knowledge about your case, including limited medical knowledge or legal training.

With this in mind, it is important to get educated about your own personal injury case. How long will your injuries last? How much work will you have to miss? Do you understand how the accident happened? Do you evidence to prove your case, including photos and complete medical records? The more you understand about the costs of your case, the better chance you will have to negotiate a fair settlement offer.

Keep in mind, the negotiation process is a back and forth negotiation. The claims adjuster may have the authority to offer a settlement offer up to a specific limit, but depending on the adjuster, they may have to get approval from someone else in their company.

If you have questions about the settlement process or have not had success negotiating with a claims adjuster, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. For personal injuries which are not as severe, however, you should be able to find information online about how to negotiate an insurance claim and tips for getting the highest possible settlement offer.

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