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Why is my personal injury claim taking so long?

Personal injury lawyers have as much incentive to settle a personal injury lawsuit as quickly as the plaintiff. Unfortunately, given the wide array of factors that can impact the time frame for settlement, it is not unusual for many plaintiffs to ask, "Why is my personal injury case taking so long?"

Factors which delay personal injury decisions

Let's evaluate some of the main factors which can delay a personal injury claim.

1. Responsibility for the injury is in question

If the evidence for your personal injury claim does not clearly indicate who is the responsible party attorneys representing both the defendant and the plaintiff will have to complete more investigations. Witnesses must be found and interviewed, photographs must be obtained and evaluated, and expert witnesses might need to be deposed. Unfortunately, all of this takes time.

If fault is disputed the parties may also not be willing to settle a case and will instead request that the case move to trial, adding months onto the personal injury case.

2. You have suffered serious injuries

If you have been injured due the negligence of another person and have suffered only minor bumps and bruises or little property loss most likely you were able to resolve your claim without an attorney, by negotiating directly with the insurance company.

If, however, you have permanent or severe injuries, you must be much more careful about negotiating a fair settlement offer. In this case you may need hire an injury lawyer and file a personal injury case to ensure you will get the maximum compensation for your injuries. If you have severe injuries you may also need help from a medical expert who can accurately determine the true costs of your injuries.

3. The opposing party will not settle

Winning compensation quickly can also depend on whether the defendant and their lawyer or insurance company is willing to cooperate. Whether they are disputing the causation of your injury, arguing their client was not responsible for your injuries, or refusing to provide adequate compensation for your injuries, all of these factors can substantially delay your claim.

4. You must take your case to court

Finally, if parties refuse to negotiate and reach a settlement out of court you can expect major delays in your personal injury case. For example, if the plaintiff and defendant decide to file a personal injury case in court you can expect at least a six month delay in your case.

How can I speed up my personal injury case?

If you have been injured and you are unable to work you may be particularly desperate to receive compensation for your personal injury. Although fast compensation may be a priority, if you settle too quickly before you understand the true costs of your injuries, you may find your settlement offer does not cover your expenses.

One of the most effective ways to speed up your personal injury case is to make sure you have good evidence to support your case and you hire a great lawyer. In some cases you must also be willing to accept a fair settlement and avoid court.

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